New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Sandra Jimenez is a mother of 4 - two boys and two girls, who raised them for many years in Minnesota. She lived the fight against the indoctrination all too well. Today, all her children have escaped being brainwashed and she has come to Sarasota with her daughter and two wonderful grandchildren who attend an elementary school in Englewood and are also her motivation to run for school board. 


Sandra ran for State Representative in 2020 in Minnesota because she firmly believed that the state was rapidly losing the fundamental rights—to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. During her campaign her state completely shut down and stayed that way for over a year, she watched her city of Minneapolis and the capital of St Paul burn for four days as the mayors and governor stood idly by and did nothing to stop it. Sandra, her husband Jose and her daughter’s family quickly made a decision that they could no longer live in a radically left state and moved to the Free State of Florida.


Sandra has a passion for public service and knows it would be an honor to serve her community in this capacity. She will work to ensure that all children are properly educated with the traditional academic skills and publicly recognize that children belong to their families and not to the state, the teachers, the teacher’s union or any other bureaucrat. She will work to make sure all parents have the final say in their children’s education, health, and wellbeing.